Updates & Changes Packages

Package 1.

2 Hours
Equiv. £60 / hr rate

Package 2.

6 Hours
Equiv. £50 / hr rate

Package 3.

12 Hours
Equiv. £45.00 / hr rate

Package 4.

30 Hours
Equiv. £40.00 / hr rate
Please Note: VAT is no longer applicable to these prices.

Update & Changes Packages

As part of your web site security maintenance package we will already be ensuring that your site remains secure and protected from malicious attack. This entails regularly updating (sometimes several times a month) the core framework code and any additional plugins that your site is running as soon as updated software is released.

However the security maintenance does not cover content or image changes that might be required, any new section development or additional features.

To make it easier for you to budget, and for us to schedule this work, we provide the update and changes packages as shown above.

How it Works

You select a package that suits your anticipated requirements based on how many updates and changes you think may be required over the coming months. (the more hours you buy in advance the better the rate)

This buys you a certain number of priority hours which are credited to your account.

As the work is carried out based on the change requests you submit, the time spent will be logged against the hours on your account. Minor changes will normally be actioned within 24 business hours. Larger pieces of work will be scheduled according to the requirement and developer time available but in most cases would be completed within 48 – 72 business hours. Time is billed in 15 minute increments.

When you have used 65% – 75% of your hours in credit we will notify you and suggest you review your plans in order to determine if further hours should be budgeted for.

You can request a statement at any time which will show the work carried out and the time taken.